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The Hydro-Sep is a unique water separation device is for exterior mounted active radon mitigation systems. This approach helps reduce the accumulation of moisture in the exhaust pipes.  More importantly, it helps prevent ice from falling down the pipe and damaging the fan. It has been shown to increase fan life significantly for exterior installations. 


The Hydro-Sep helps protect the fan motor from moisture and is recommended for all exterior-mounted fans.

LDVI Couplers


Not all couplers are created equal and that is why we love these LDVI couplers, which effectively isolate vibrations to reduce noise. Our clients come first, and it’s good to know we are installing the quietest couplers on the market. 

LDVI Coupling.jpg

Exhaust Muffler


Some radon mitigation systems are noisy which your neighbors might notice. Radon exhaust mufflers are best used when outdoor noise is an issue. When exhaust system noise can be heard inside the home, the LDVI couplers are the way to go. 

Fan Shroud


Protect your fan from hail and other weather with this cosmetically appealing fan shroud.

Fan Shroud.jpg

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